Payroll receipt is a legal document received by an employee on a period of time showing an economic amount in exchange of his work.

Payroll calculation service is ideal when your corporate, company or business is looking to optimize your financial resources by hiring us to make payroll work for you.

Payroll Outsourcing Or Payrolling

We serve as the employer of record for our client’s contingent workforce.  We become the legal employer of your workforce.

AT Be Consultores, we take care of a our customers. The competitive advantage you take out from (LOGO) is a fair fare. We charge you a fixed percentage of commission, while others charge much more: 

A high percentage of the total payroll plus a fixed administration charge.


  • Unlimited service warranty

  • Labor lawyer


  • Monthly Gross Fixed Salary
  • IMSS Quotas
  • INFONAVIT fees
  • Retirement Fees
  • Payroll tax
  • Life insurance
  • Aguinaldo (15 days)
  • Holidays (what the law marks)
  • Holiday bonus (25%)
  • Voluntary resignation
  • 2 movie tickets per month for each worker
  • Recruitment per month depending on the number of employees (non-cumulative)
  • Medical discount card
  • Discount Card Various Shops and Restaurants
  • Payroll cards

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