We verify socio economic status and background of employees or candidates for a job position thru a high spirit of service, aimed to provide high quality services. Our  objective is to be strategic partners for our customers in recruitment services.

The Socio-Economic Study we offer is a fundamental tool to get to know better to candidates and to compliment employee records.


It corroborates every information and documents given by the investigated. Delivers information on housing conditions, family situation, economic situation, employment background and medical history.


It is a standard socioeconomic study plus investigations focused on a special interests of the Contracting Company.


In case the company requires urgent information, it can be delivered beforehand, even before the interview.

Request: The customer can make the request by the means that suit him, providing formats for better control.

Contact: It is done immediately by appointment to the next available date informing requirements to the person that is investigated.

Interview: our staff attends on time and properly identified; Raises the information in a maximum time of 1 hour.

Labor and personnel research: The last two jobs are investigated with certified research and personal history with friends, neighbors or family members.

Delivery: As soon as quality assurance is finished.

Special investigations are based upon history records at I.M.S.S. and legal courts (labor, civil, judicial and even criminal)


Notes: Delivery time of 5 business days after request.

Special socioeconomic study delivery time is 6 business days after request.

Processing time will vary. It also depends on willingness of the candidates and case complexity.

Todas nuestras pruebas son vía web por lo que el candidato puede hacerlas en su casa, café internet ó algún otro medio que cuente con internet, con costos atractivos para su empresa.

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